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Here are just a few of the many of success stories that we have to share. In reading these you will see our individualized approach to each of our partnering businesses, and how we work to define a marketing need and use our profound portfolio of media products to reach a collaborative goal.  Within these we are confident that you will see the value that Palladium-Item Media Group would bring to your business.

Jade House Richmond

"Palladium-Item has helped my business be more successful."
-- Robert Lin, Owner of Jade House Richmond


Reid Hospital & Health Care Services

"I've been working with my local team here in Richmond for two years now. We’ve been able to expand our reach beyond the traditional newspaper to include digital formats. The results have exceeded my expectations. Our open rate and click-through rates are consistently higher than the national average for our particular industry, health care. I also appreciate having access to the analytics so I can track the effectiveness of the messages. My team stays on top of things for me and the communication has been exceptional. Newspaper is still effective in our home market, but it’s nice to be able to work with the same team – folks who already know my business-- to expand our reach."
-- Judi Willett, MSM, Reid Hospital & Health Care Services

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